Friday, February 9, 2007

Bank This, Chase!!!

Nothing is more annoying than bank branches taking up valuable corner locations in residential neighborhoods. Case in point, the Chase location in Hellsea. "The Nicole" 9th Avenue. 55th Street. TThis branch is grossly out of place for several reasons. One, the majority of the branch is cubicled office space looking directly onto the sidewalk. With the branch closing late afternoon or early evening, the entire front of the building is dead space at night. It breaks the flow of commercial space, and it's ugly to boot. Okay, the ugly part is subjective, but I dare anyone to argue against the statement effectively. Two, how many banks does Chase really need? There is another branch a block and a half away. Few people actually see tellers anymore, so why a full branch so close to another? Open a convenience ATM midblock.

This location would be ideal for a restaurant. With a larger setback from the street than the remainder of the block, this location is perfect for seasonable alfresco dining. Hell (no pun intended considering it's location), it's right across from a major cultural institution, The Alvin Alley Center. People could actually eat a nice meal, see a recital, brunch when the kids are taking lessons. The options are limitless.

But a freakin' bank?

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