Friday, February 9, 2007

Eatin' Good in the 'Hood (Hellsea)

Okay, so perhaps I was rash not to name names yesterday, because certain establishments deserve good old fashioned shout outs! And today's is "Empenada Mama" in Hellsea. 9th Avenue, in the low 50s.

Like the delicious South American tapas sized goodies they serve, this establishment proves that good things can come in small packages...a concept likely lost on the Kitch's boy on boy majority. Take the ham and cheese wheat flour emp. Deep fried, perfectly melted goodness, through and through. I had two. And the chicken wheat flour. Forget the Colonel, this is finger licking good. Served in simple white bags with your order stamped on the outside, you always know which deliscious emp variety you're getting (and there are many. baked. fried. wheat. corn. chx. beef. steak and cheese. veggie. you name it, they got it.) And did I mention the avacado salad. I had a bite of my companion's greens. Fantastic. (You will never read the other "f" word made famous on SATC here.)

To top it off, it's a delicious little place, just like the emps. Bright colors, appropriately small two-tops that can become four, or six tops. And a nice little view of the street. And the servers are pleasant to boot. Check it out, or pick up. It's fun food for maybe an Oscar party in the near future.

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